my technical setup

This is my new setup since 25th November 2018:

Custom build LENCO L 75 with Lencomotion bearing, Audiosilente idler wheel, 2 stacked platters and heavy wooden plinth.

GRAY 206 transcription tonearm clone from magnesium alloy made by Karmadon

Miyajima Spirit High MC Mono Cartridge (since 25th November 2018)


General Electric VR II Mono Cartridge (since November 2017)

General Electric RPX-050 Mono Cartridge „Golden Treasure“ (since Juli 2017)

Pickering 370 Mono cartridge (since June 2017)

General Electric RPX-050 Mono Cartridge (until Mai 2017)

GRAHAM SLEE Revelation M  MM-Phono-Vorverstärker (until 25th November 2018)

Linn Majik DSM Analog to Digital Converter

Izotope RX5, Adobe Audition



My setup until the end of 2016:

Linn LP 12 Turntable, Linn Ekos Tonearm, Linn Adikt Cartridge

Linn Majik DSM Phono Preamp

Linn Majik DSM Analog to Digital Converter

Izotope RX5, Adobe Audition


6 Kommentare zu „my technical setup

  1. Thank you very much for your sharing of the precious recordings. I wish that I may be able to make some contribution to your offers, but the payment through paypal seems not effective from Japan. Kindly let me have some clues that we could do something and have some access to your club-sharing of historical and monumental recordings.

    1. you have to click the „donate“ button on the end of the post and than you can make your donation via paypal.

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