Trio Santoliquido, Bruno Giuranna * Brahms

front Kopie

BRAHMS – Quartet for piano, violin, viola and violoncello in g minor, Op 25

I. Allegro

II. Intermezzo: Allegro, ma non troppo

III. Andante con moto

IV. Rondo alla zingarese – Presto

Trio Santoliquido, Bruno Giuranna

DGG LPM 18529



24 Bit / 96 kHz

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This is my new setup for the record transfer




This is my new setup since 20th February 2019

Custom build LENCO L 75 with Lencomotion bearing, Audiosilente idler wheel, 2 stacked platters and heavy wooden plinth.

Thomas Schick 12″ Tonarm

Miyajima Spirit High MC Mono Cartridge (since 25th November 2018)

QUAD twenty four P tube phono preamp

Linn Majik DSM Analog to Digital Converter

Izotope RX5, Adobe Audition

Herman Schey * Brahms, Loewe


BRAHMS – Vier ernste Gesänge Op. 121

„Denn es gehet dem Menschen“

„Ich wandte mich“

„O Tod,  wie bitter bist du“

„Wenn ich mit Menschen und mit Engelszungen redete“

LOEWE – Vier Balladen


Kleiner Haushalt

Herr Oluf

Die wandelnde Glocke

Herman Schey – bariton, Felix de Nobel – piano

recorded 1953



24 Bit / 96 kHz

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Yves Nat * Brahms


BRAHMS – Variations et Fugue sur un thème de Haendel Op. 24

BRAHMS – Rhapsodies Op. 79

Rhapsodie en si mineur

Rhapsodie en sol mineur

BRAHMS – Intermezzi Op. 117

Intermezzo en mi bémol majeur

Intermezzo en si bémol mineur

Intermezzo en do diéze mineur

Yves Nat – piano

recorded 1956



24 Bit / 96 kHz

!!! The purchase of this record was made possible by money from the record pool !!!


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donation for the record pool / get all the „exclusivly for donor“ records 2018

At the beginning of the new year I would like to pay attention to the record pool. Everyone can donate to the record pool and, as a thank you, will receive a transfer reserved only for donors. The donations are used to buy and digitize additional records and publish them on the blog. Until the end of the month there is still the possibility for a donation of 12 € or more to receive all the 21 records shown below as a digital transfer (these are the „exclusive for donor records“ from the year 2018).
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If I receive your donation I will send you the download links for these records.

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Trio Santoliquido * Mendelssohn

front kopie

MENDELSSOHN – Trio Nr. 1 d-moll op. 49

I. Molto allegro ed agitato

II. Andante con moto tranquilla

III. Scherzo: Leggiro e vivace

IV. Finale: Allegro assai appassionata

Trio Santoliquido (Ornella Puliti Santoliquido – piano, Arrigio Pelliccia – violin, Massimo Amfitheatrof – cello)

DGG 16107 LP



24 Bit / 96 kHz

This record is for donators of the record pool exclusively.
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Thurston Dart * Dowland


DOWLAND – Lachrimae

Lachrimae Antiquae Pavan

Sir John Souch His Galiard

Lachrimae Antiquae Novae Pavan

The King Of Denmark’s Galiard

Lachrimae Gementes Pavan

The Earl Of Essex Galiard

Lachrimae Tristes Pavan

M. Thomas Collier His Galiard

Lachrimae Coactae Pavan

M. Nicholas Gryffith His Galliard

Mrs Nichols Almand

Lachrimae Amantis Pavan

M. Henry Noel His Galiard

Lachrimae Verae Pavan

Captaine Digorie Piper His Galiard

Semper Dowland Semper Dolens

M. Giles Hobies Galiard

Sir Henry Umpton’s Funerall

M. Bucton“s Galiard

M. John Langton’s Pavan

M. George Whitehead His Almand

The Philomusica Of London, Thurston Dart




24 Bit / 96 kHz

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