Elsie Houston * Brazilian Songs / Burle Marx, Hugh Ross * Villa-Lobos



1. Foi numa noite calmosa [No. 5 Modinha Carioca] (arranged by Luciano Gallet)

2. Bahia [Carateristica] (Alvaro Moreira/Hekel Tavares)

3. Danza de caboclo [Côco] (arranged by Tavares)

4. Bia-ta-tá [Côco] (arranged by Tavares)

5. Benedicto pretinho (arranged by Tavares

6. Berimbau, Op. 4 (Manuel Bandeira/Jayme Ovalle)

7. Chariô [Tres potos de Santo, Op. 10, No. 1] (Jayme Ovalle)

8. Aruanda [Tres potos de Santo, Op. 10, No. 2] (Jayme Ovalle)

9. Estrella do Mar [Tres potos de Santo, Op. 10, No. 3] (Jayme Ovalle)

10. Tayêras [Song and dance of the Mulatresses from Bahia] (arranged by Gallet)

11. Bambalelê [Song from Pernambuco] (arranged by Gallet)

12. Canção do carreiro [Seresta No. 8] (Villa-Lobos)

Elsie Houston (soprano), Pablo Miguel (piano)

recorded January 1941

13. VILLA LOBOS – Bachianas Brasileiras No.1 For Cellos

Brazilian Festival Orchestra, Burle Marx

14. VILLA LOBOS – Nonetto (for Chamber Orchestra and Chorus)

Brazilian Festival Orchestra, Schola Cantorum, Hugh Ross

recorded October 1940

RCA LCT 1143

issued 1954


24 Bit / 96 kHz

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