Jakob Gimpel * Chopin

front Kopie

CHOPIN – 24 Preludes Op. 28

No. 1 In C Major: Agitato

No. 2 In A Minor: Lento

No. 3 In G Major: Vivace

No. 4 In E Minor: Largo

No. 5 In D Major: Allegro molto

No. 6 In B Minor: Lento assai

No. 7 In A Major: Andantino

No. 8 In F-Sharp Minor: Molto agitato

No. 9 In E Major: Largo

No. 10 In C-Sharp Minor: Allegro molto

No. 11 In B Major: Vivace

No. 12 In G-Sharp Minor: Presto

No.13 In F-Shapr Major: Lento

No. 14 In E-Flat Minor: Allegro

No. 15 In D-Flat Major: Sostenuto

No. 16 In B-Flat Minor: Presto con fuoco

No. 17 In A-Flat Major: Allegretto

No. 18 In F Minor: Allegro molto

No. 19 In E-Flat Major: Vivace

No. 20 In C Minor: Largo

No. 21 In B-Flat Major: Cantabile

No. 22 In G Minor: Molto agitato

No. 23 In F Major: Moderato

No. 24 In D Minor: Allegro apassionato

Jakob Gimpel – piano

recorded 1958



24 Bit / 96 kHz

!!! The purchase of this record was made possible by money from the record pool !!!


download from MEGA



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